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UnitedHealthCare: One of the premier health care providers in the United States today.

HumanaOne Healthcare:

A top rated company with a large base of insured clients, and plans that are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Aetna Pre-65:

An excellent health care provider with a proven track record for success in the health care arena.
These carriers are the only providers available at this time, as more carriers are reviewed and approved for their pricing structure, and quality of service, they will be added to enhance the product offerings. Attention: Individuals, Families, and Students:

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Progressive Auto Insurance **American General**Genworth Life* *Banner Life* *Lincoln Benefit* *Lincoln Financial* *MetLife* *New York Life** **Prudential* *ING Life* *Sun Life,CA* *Transamerica** United of Omaha* *West Coast Life* *AXA* (Term Life & Annuity Plans Offered in New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio. Email a request to our inbox for a personalize proposal. See the "contact us" page.)


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Term Life/Fixed Annuities:

Although this site's primary function is to promote Health Insurance products, we do offer other products. Health Insurance is an important part of an overall plan for a family. Term and Annuity products for retirement are both part of a well balanced estate plan for your family.

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Term Life and Annuity paper responses may take 24 to 48 hours to complete. If you prefer a faster response, please send an email to our inbox, and a PDF quote will be returned within 24 hours.

Licensed in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and New York State to sell; Term Life, Fixed Annuities, and Health Insurance products. HSA** Health Savings Accounts:

HSA plans simply combine a lower-cost, high deductible health insurance plan, and tax-favored savings account

.*You get a tax deduction*
*Dollars grow tax-deferred*
*Savings help pay deductibles*
*Funds accumulate each year*
*Earn interest on savings* OptumHealth Bank, member FDIC.
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