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Best Health Care is the genesis of an individual who worked in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years, and saw how premiums rose for personal health coverage,and found relief for his clients. And increased yearly without any reduction for individuals, and families. This site is dedicated to providing the best quotes from the insurance carriers we represent, through our network of top rated insurers.

Background and Experience

The genesis for this website, as stated in the mission statement, was born out of a sense of concern for the rising cost of insurance premiums, and not having any control over rate increases for my clients.

Therefore, I decided to develop a website which would provide background information on types of policies, rates for various kinds of policies, and provide guidance for individuals looking for quality health, life, and annuity coverage at a reasonable rate.

My background lends itself to searching for details of data because I came to the insurance field from the publishing industry. Prior to coming to the insurance industry, I worked as an editor in the college textbook field.

There, I worked with authors to gather information for technical books in computer science, engineering, information systems, management and marketing. As an editor I review the competition for a particular market, surveyed the leading books and ancillary materials for that market, and help our authors target a certain book or segment of that market to focus his or her textbook to a specific segment of the marketplace.

This work required a lot of research into competing book and materials of other publishers, and developing competing marketing campaigns to promote our products against our competitors.

After completing the education and training for the insurance field, and passing the insurance exams, I started to work with a major national insurance carrier. We promoted automobile and homeowner policies, small business liability coverage, life and health insurance, and fixed annuities.

My natural instinct directed me toward health, life, and fixed annuities where I could focus on the appropriate policy for our array of clients. This segment of the market provided interesting variations with the rate structures for health coverage, and the levels of policies in our life insurance division provided each client with a broad understanding of the possibilities available in the health insurance area, and the options available in the life and annuity areas.

I have work more than twenty years in the insurance industry and have built a broad base of clients in the various fields for which I wrote policies for numerous clients. This broad base of clients has given me a strong background in customer relations, and problem solving.

This concern for my client has led me to focus a good deal of my attention on solving problems for my clients, if difficulties develop while initiating coverage, or as part of an ongoing process of policy operation and service.

I invite you to browse the pages of this site, review the material made available for background information, and try the quoting system for rates and specific answers to your concerns about the various types of coverage found on this website.

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